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YenBai Travel Guide



Situated on the gateway to North-West Vietnam, YenBai Province borders LaoCai, HaGiang in the north, SonLa Province in the west, Tuyen Quang in the east, and PhuTho in the south.


Terrain includes mountain, hill and valley. The network of rivers is complex with many falls and waterfalls. Climate in lowland is different from highland. Annual average temperature is from 18șC to 28șC.

Tourism and Economy

YenBai's large forest ranges supply valuable pomu, lat hoa, cho chi wood. VanYen cinnamon, SuoiGiang tea, Tu Le glutinous rice are special products. The province owns well-known stone-pit in LucYen, too.

YenBai has artificial ThacBa Lake, a scenic spot as well as a historical place. The lake consists of 1,331 hill-islands, varies vegetation cover and a diverse ecological setting. In the middle of the lake stands the Mong Son Grotto, home of the Yen Bai Party Committee during the anti-American resistance. Coming to there, tourists are able to relax in the lake, climb the mountain and explore the forests.

Visitors are attracted to Dong Cuong and DaiCai temples. Archaeologists have found many remains of the SonVi culture in the Dong Cuong Temple area. DaiCai Temple was built on a large area covered with many green trees and beautiful riverside roads.


YenBai City is 180km from Hanoi. The province is on the railway from Hanoi to YenBai then LaoCai. There is National Highway No.32 linking to Lao Cai and National Highway No.37 connecting to Tuyen Quang. Buses leave daily for YenBai from MyDinh Bus Station (Hanoi).



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