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Vietnam Travel Guide - Vietnam Railways

Trains prove a good option for travelers to see more of the countryside in Vietnam, yet travel more comfortably than the bus.
Up to now, Vietnam Railways System (VRS) has been the main service of domestic train. With its implementation in almost every provinces and cities in Vietnam and activity scope of 2.652 km of railway, VRS offers trips on newer trains equipped with modern air-conditioned cars and berths for comfortable overnight trips.
Classes: There are four classes of train travel offered in most trains: hard-seat, soft-seat, hard-berth, soft-berth.
Hard-seat is tolerable for day travel, but it can be even less comfortable than the bus overnight.
Hard-berth has three tiers of beds (it means six beds per compartment). The upper berth is cheapest and the lower berth is most expensive.
Soft-seat includes vinyl-covered seats, more comfortable than benches of hard-seat, but rather hot if without air-conditioner in the summer. Soft-berth has two tiers of beds (four beds per compartment), the price for each bunks are the same. These compartments have a door. Some trains may have super-berth compartments which have two beds per room with a door. Routes The main routes are the north-south train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, trains from Hanoi to the northwest and northeast, and beyond to China. Besides, there are local trains which do not make the complete journey, but just cover part of the route.

Travel between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)
Vietnam's Reunification Express trains go between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and stop at various railway stations along the coast, such as Hue, Danang, Haiphong, Nhatrang and so forth. These trains take 36 hours to finish their itinerary.
The two major kinds of trains are the: SE (SE1-SE6) and TN (TN3-TN10). SE trains are better, equipped with modern air-conditioned cars, larger windows, and restaurant or buffet car as well.
Details on fares and schedule, which are changed frequently (about every 6 months) are published thoroughly on the official website of Vietnam Railways System at: www.vr.com.vn and are available at railway stations. Buying a train ticket at the railway stations is simple. You may purchase tickets in advance directly on their website mentioned above.
Children : Aged 0 to 4 travel for free; 5 to 9 travel at half price; 10 and over must pay full price.
5-Star Train claims itself to be the most luxurious train operating between Saigon and Nhatrang in Vietnam. One train of 5-Star Train includes ten carriages, classified to two 5-Star Club cars with 32 seats, two Deluxe cars with 44 seats and two Standard cars with 84 seats. among which are two luxurious sleeping carriages connecting with SN1/2 of Saigon Railway Company. Each carriage consists of 7 cabins, 4 berths per cabin, which means that the total capacity of each train is 56 berths. Further details on 5-Star Train's service and passengers' benefits can be acquired on the official website: www.5-startrain.com or via email: train@5-startrain.com
Travelers may also consult offices of 5-star travel train at:
297 Pham Ngu Lao Str., Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist.1, HoChiMinh City - Tel: (84.8) 920 6868 - Fax: (84.8) 920 6828
56 Hang Be Str - Hoankiem Dist - Hanoi City Tel: (84.4) 39264386 - Fax: (84.4) 39264396 - Hotline : (84.4) 913519698
email info@ciaotravel.vn.


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