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Quang Nam Travel Guide


QuangNam is located in the middle of Central Vietnam and is surrounded by ThuaThien-Hue, QuangNgai, and KonTum provinces. The TruongSon Mountains, Laos, and the East Sea also border the province.

QuangNam has various of mountains and hills (covers 72% its surface) with many high mountains such as LumHeo Mountain of 2,045m, Tion Mountain of 2,032m, Gole - Lang Mountain of 1,855m... Main rivers run from TruongSon Range to East Sea as VuGia , ThuBon, TamKy rivers.


QuangNam's climate is influenced by monsoon. The annual average temperature is 25oC. It is hot and dry from February to April and rainy from September to December. The average humidity is about 84%. The annual average rainfall is 2,000mm. The average sunny hours: 1,944 hours/years.


Experiencing the ups and downs over the years, QuangNam still preserves the unique historical and cultural remains of the past along with rich human values. Some of the typical cultural sites include: Hoi An Ancient Town, MySon Holy Land, TraKieu Old Champa Capital, Cham Towers in KhuongMy and Chien an, which record the remains of SaHuynh, Champa and the DaiViet civilization.

During many wars, QuangNam was one of the cradles of the revolutionary movement. BoBo, NuiChua, VinhTrinh, ChoDuoc, ChuLai and underground tunnels of KyAnh, the HoChiMinh Trail have gone down in history as the destinations for tourist to stop and visit the former battle fields.

The province possesses 120km of coastline stretching form DienNgoc to DungQuat with many beautiful, clean and deserted beaches. The beaches of DienDuong, CuaDai, BinhMinh, TamThanh, KyHa and BaiRang together with the lake of PhuNinh, the rivers of the ThuBon and TruongGiang and the island of Cham are ideal tourist attractions.

HoiAn Ancient Town and MySon Cham Towers have been recognized as World Cultural Heritage since 12/1999.


QuangNam Province is located in the middle of Vietnam, 860km from Hanoi, 947km from HoChiMinh City, and 108km from Hue City. The province is on the National Highway 1A, the South?- North railway and on the route of Danang - QuangNam - KonTum - GiaLai - DakLak - DakNong - BinhPhuoc. HoiAn is 32km from Danang and can be reached by car, bus or minibus.


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