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DakLak Travel Guide


DakLac Province is in Central Highland in 400m- 800m high above sea. It has border with GiaLai in the north and east-north, LamDong Province in the south, Cambodia and DakNong Province in the west, PhuYen and KhanhHoa provinces in the east.

DakLac has a large natural area. 35% the province's area is 1,000m - 1,200m high mountain area while the BuonMaThuot Highland occupies 53.5%. The rich, flat red soil is a great advantage to develop long day - industrial trees like coffee, rubber, tea, and pepper..., to raise cattle and to grow forest. Alluvia soil is rice paddy and natural grass field. DakLac's forest has abundant wood reserve and various rare animal species as elephant, lion, tiger, beer... There are many beautiful rivers, high waterfalls and lakes.

Climate: The DakLac's climate is temperate with the annual average temperature is 24oC. There is a difference of only 5oC between the hottest month and the coldest one. The dry season lasts from November to April next year. It is quite cold, windy, and dry. The rainy season lasts from May to October with high rainy amount.


There are beautiful and famous waterfalls such as: ThuyTien, TrinhNu, KrongKmar, BayNhanh, among many big lakes such as Lak, DakMil. Coming there, tourists are able to get in the primitive forests of the ChuYangSin, YokDon National parks, visit BuonDon that is a well-known local of hunting and taming wild elephants, or make tour to DakLac's historical vestiges like BaoDai Palace, YangProng Tower, BuonMaThuot Prison, DakTua Cave.

Ethnic groups

There is not only imposing cultural heritage of native ethnic groups such as EDe, M'Nong with remarkable epics such as DamSan, DamBri, XinhNha, genie lunar New Year pole, but also valuable tangible cultural heritage: dan da (stone musical instrument), gongs, T'rung, Klong Put...

DakLac has 44 ethnic groups living together. Although the ethnic groups do not form separate inhabiting territories, they are concentrated in certain regions with individual identity and tradition, created unique folk culture of particular characteristics of Central Highlands.

Traditional culture of DakLac is very plentiful and really attractive, especially historians, culturists, phonetics. Besides, traditional professions such as sculpting statues in tombs, knitting brocade, and original cultural rituals such as celebrating harvest festival, elephant race, and gong festival.


Road: DakLac is 183km from NhaTrang (by National Highway No. 26), 180km from Pleiku (by National Highway No. 14), 352km from HoChiMinh City (by National Highway No. 14), 200km from Dalat (by National Highway No. 27), and 1,390km from Hanoi.

Air: BuonMaThuot Airport is 10km from the city centre. There are daily flights from Danang and HoChiMinh City.


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