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BacKan Travel Guide


BacKan is a mountainous province, sharing its border with CaoBang Province to the north, TuyenQuang Province to the west, LangSon Province to the south-east, and ThaiNguyen Province to the south. The topography is mainly midland, mountainous. The province has a complex network of rivers and springs.

Climate: There are two seasons: dry-cold lasts from April to October and hot-rainy from November to December. The cold season lasts longer in the north region. The annual average temperature is 25șC. The annual rainfall is about 1,400mm3 - 1,800mm3. The weather has drizzling rain and high humidity in March, April and August.

Tourism and Economy

BacKan has natural of mineral and forest, especially primitive forests with rich of flora and faune. Aside that, natural gives the province many interesting sights such as BaBe National Park, DauDang Waterfall, BaBe Lake, Puong Cave. BacKan used to be a cradle of Vietnam revolution so it has many revolutionary relics as ATK in there.

BacKan is famous for BaBe Lake Spring Festival with many rituals and activities as boat racing, wrestling, dancing, nem con (con throwing). The festival attracts a lot of people arround the region.


BacKan Town is 166km from Hanoi. It is located on the Hanoi - CaoBang inter-provincial No.3.


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