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Explore Your Favorite Region of Indochina With a Timeshare

Once you've cruised through the beautiful turquoise waters and majestic karst mountains of the Halong Bay, it's hard to stifle the urge to return. You'll be so enchanted by the stunning natural scenery and meditative effects of these tranquil surroundings that you'll want to return year after year. The idea of securing appropriate and affordable accommodations for an annual or biennial trip to Vietnam can seem intimidating, but a timeshare in the area would allow you to return again and again for a fraction of what it might cost to rent a hotel room each time you visit.

Timeshares are Convenient and Cost-Effective
If you're a frequent traveler, these vacation properties are an excellent alternative to renting temporary lodgings because over-time, and especially when purchased resale, timeshares can save owners tens of thousands of dollars on accommodations. Timeshares are a way for individuals to share the economic responsibility of property ownership. They allow owners to purchase an increment of time based on a timeshare calendar (generally one week, though other arrangements are available and relativity popular) to be used on an annual or biennial basis. Owners will pay only for the week that they purchase, and, once the property is owned outright, they'll only be expected to pay for a maintenance fee respective to their usage.

Save Even More With Resale
To save even more on your vacation property purchase, consider buying your timeshare resale. When an owner isn't able to use their timeshare anymore, many will list it for sale through a third-party timeshare reseller. This is beneficial to the buyer in many ways. First, resale properties tend to average at thousands less than resort pricing because individuals selling timeshare do not need to account for marketing fees and salesman's commissions. Secondly, with resale you'll never have to deal with an aggressive resort sales pitch. Purchasing resale is private and, when working with a reputable company, safe.

Travel Anywhere With an RCI Timeshare
Perhaps the best thing about purchasing a timeshare in your favorite region of Vietnam is that you'll have the opportunity to travel there every year, but aren't limited to only vacationing in the same place. Timeshares are very flexible and tradeable, meaning that you can trade your time in Vietnam for time in Indonesia, Fiji or even South Africa, all while resting assured that when you're ready to return to the Halong Bay next year, your property will be ready and waiting. This type of exchange is simple when you buy timeshare that is affiliated with an exchange company like RCI or Interval International. It is the goal of these companies to make your timeshare as flexible as possible, so that you may get the most out of your vacation property.

Or Consider a Timeshare Rental
And if you're looking to secure accommodation near Halong Bay, but aren't interested or able to purchase a property there, you can still save hundreds with a timeshare rentals. When you rent from a current owner through a third-party reseller you can secure large, well-appointed lodgings for your single trip to Vietnam without any long-term commitment and without overextending your budget. Consider a Vietnam timeshare to take you to the Halong Bay and beyond every year!


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